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December 24, 2010
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Secret Santa: NaruHina by piinl Secret Santa: NaruHina by piinl
Secret Santa gift for :icontomokou:
Hope ya like it! <3333333 ^W^
I wish you a merry Christmas! :huggle:

Aren't they cute! x3 Naruto is trying to warm Hinata up!! :iconchuuplz:

Naruto and Hinata (c) Kishimoto
Art (c) =piinl
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Okay. I just need to write a critique for lovely artwork ♥ I know you wont read this untill Christmas is over, but hey :3
Imma start telling you that English is not my mommylanguage so Im sorry if I screw sentences up.

Let me start with what Im seeing here, the vision part. I see two lovers walking in the snow together who are enjoying their time together. I love the fact that you can see that they're in love with each other, without having them kissing each other. it's probably because they just did or ar going to. Or they're just gonna give each other some eskimokisses, who knows. I also like that Hinata has her hand on her arm. Her shyness towards Naruto is something that is a part of her as a person and you can still see it here. It;s also interesting that Naruto's arm is cut off, because in my imagination he has his hand put on the arm where Hinata has put hers.
I love the softness you put in your work, it gives it a sweet touch. It makes stuff seem innocent en vulnerable. I also like how you shade their hair. I love seeing people use this technique, because it really adds depth to their work. I just really love the colouring < 3 I also love how you made the lines and that you put a bit of blue/purple in the lines. It makes them "blend" with the sky. I also like how you did the snowflakes.. you blurred it just enough to make it seem like they were moving, seriously loving it.
Well as a NaruHina fan this has Impact on me in more than one way. IT BLOWS MY FRICKING MIND >D the softness, the pposes, the scenery... just... HOT DANG! Just pffft, lovely. I love everything in it, including the elegant signature in the bottom right.

Thank you so much for making something this gorgeous, you cant imagine how happy I am that you made something this lovely ♥~

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Critique by AreoSamurai21 Dec 25, 2010, 8:50:52 AM
This is such a sweet picture and a nice holiday feel to it. The soft shading adds a nice touch to it because its snowing and there very little light outside. But you have a few anstomy mistakens in here. first Hinata's hand is flat. You should have made it abit more 3D looking. It looks like her arm is flat and hand is flat.Showing more of her finger would have also helped. And next is her neck/ jaw.. Her jaw looks a bit deformed. The background is nice, the trees are well detailed. And Other than a anatomy mistake or two. This is a love picture.
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
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